on the Canary Islands

Rusсan Invest Finance S.L. specializes in finding, developing, organizing and operating low risk high profit projects for international Investors on the Canary Islands.

Rusсan Invest Finance S.L. is a financial and managing company organised for International investors to find good investment opportunities on the Canary Islands. 

About us
Extensive experience

RusCan Invest is happy to provide information and partner with international investors to find and develop Business opportunities in this International tourists paradise.

Develop Business opportunities 

Small and big businesses on the Canary Islands are not touched by the world economy ups and downs because they rely on the International Tourism Industry. Tourism and family holidays is one of those things which an ordinary person in will try to never give up. 


16 million

In 2018 Canary Islands received nearly 16,000,000 tourists from around the globe.

30 per cent

30% of the tourist industry of Spain belongs to the not very big in size Canary Islands. 

20 years

International tourism to the Canary Islands is growing constantly for the last 20 years.

16.8 billion

In 2018 tourists who visited Canary Islands spent more than 16.8 billion euro

30 years

Founders have over 30 years experience in the building industry and in developing all types of projects on the Island of Tenerife.


The company was established in 2014 to attract more foreign private and institutional investors to Canary Islands.

170 million

Total budget for projects Ruscan Invest Finance S.L. has planned amounts to 170 million euro.

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